Tuesday 9 December 2008

hello, welcome, bonjour, hola!

welcome to "backto4d"... it's a schmall place on the web to discuss 4D, Web, SQL, JS, AJAJ, AJAX, JS4D and other related, schtuff...

i'll be using this blog as a brain dump, or a thought shower if you prefer. i'll try keep some kind of formality but that's likely to go out the window whilst jumping from project to project... in general, i'll be posting ideas, findings and concepts for new frameworks in the 4th Dimension and Web world...

if you don't know about 4D, read this wiki page: 4D SQL Server

by q1, 2009 i'm hoping to have created phase 1 of js4d. more on that later...

all the best! :m)

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